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Kasza Tamás Franchise Lapel Pin

Tamas Kasza's official franchise partners are recognized with a special lapel pin that is made of bronze, silver or gold depending on the level of the Franchise partner.

Actually, it is a small statue made by one of the world's best sculptures: Mr. Gregor Gall.

If anybody does not have this pin, he or she is not an official Tamas Kasza franchise partner or trainer, so we do not take any responsibility for him or her and we do not advise to take training from them.

Kasza Tamas lecture in english:

Tamas webinar from Jay Verweij on Vimeo.




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Fehér Pál Metka

Slovenia: Metka Fehér Pál

Web: http://zakljucevanje.si/


  Czech & Slovakia  

Kasza Tamás Franchise Partner

Mr. Kazimír Zak for two countries: Czech & Slovakia
(in the middle on the picture)



I am looking for a Franchise partner in Bulgaria: